Why You Should be Shooting Steel Targets

Improve your accuracy and confidence while you train for professional, competition or recreational shooting. With a wide range of shooting targets available, it can be hard to find the perfect target for your practice. MGM Targets has a TON of offerings for every shooting discipline. From our gong target stand which is great for everything from plinking to long-range rifle practice, to our complete line of competition targets, we’ve got you covered.

Long-Lasting Recreational Shooting

If you’re a hunter or recreational shooter and just want to get dialed in for your next big hunt or spend an afternoon out with the family, you can choose from a wide variety of 3/8” Hexalloy AR550 steel targets. Recreational targets come in basic shapes and size like squares or circles, but we’ve also got more specialized options, like big game silhouettes. A full-sized game target is a great way to check out your rifle. After you’ve got your rifle sited in, you can go for a long-range shot to prepare to harvest the deer, elk or other trophies on your once of a lifetime hunt.

Dynamic Competition Practice

Competition targets are ideal when preparing for your next big event. You can get the same exact targets used in many different events in just about every discipline. Many match directors know to choose the best targets available for their events which is why they often choose MGM Targets. Whether you’re practicing with a pistol or centerfire rifle, you need a target that will take a hit and keep on going.

Traveling to compete in national-level events is a huge investment of both time and money. Don’t leave anything to chance before you go. You’ve purchased the best rifle, pistol, or shotgun (or maybe all three), now make sure you’ve got the best targets to go with them. When you go to the range, you should be training…not setting up or fixing targets.

Professional Performance

Military and law enforcement professionals need a reliable target to hone their skills. MGM Targets produces high-end targets and accessories for a number of shooting scenarios. Here are just a few categories of professional targets you can use to train at the range:

  • Auto-poppers
  • IPSC targets
  • Gongs
  • Three gun shooting targets
  • Clay pigeons


3/8” thick AR550 Hexalloy steel targets allow you to use the same targets again and again. Our durable steel selection and innovative fabrication practices are backed by a lifetime warranty when used with all standard caliber handguns. Whether you’re looking for gong to practice long-range accuracy or you need a silhouette for close-range practice, choose steel for a reliable target to last your entire career.

Additional Accessories

Pick up a range of accessories after you discover the high-performance convenience of MGM steel targets. Here are just a few ways you can improve your target setup and increase the fun level with these additional accessories:

  • Pigeon flipper attachment
  • Leg brackets
  • Chains
  • Hit indicators

Learn More About Shooting Steel Targets

Since 1994 MGM Targets has been a leader in world-class designs and quality performance. We specialize in affordable, long-lasting and professional products that meet your shooting expectations and professional demands.

From MLS target plate options to stands and brackets, MGM Targets is a leader in American-made, high-quality products. Shop online to compare leading options for an unforgettable shooting experience. Compare prices, reviews and designs to tailor your personal or club target range to your firearms and shooting preferences.