Rimfire KYL “PRO” Plate Rack


This is the same set up as our MGM Targets 22 Rimfire Know Your Limits™ Plate Rack but with MUCH SMALLER PLATES!  This is perfect for long range rimfire type matches and comes with 1 ½”, 1”, ¾”, ½” and 3/8” plates.  You better have your game face on, because at 100y, this is going to be a challenge!

In stock (can be backordered)

Special Shipping Information

This is a large and heavy piece of equipment. If you cannot pick it up at the freight terminal, there are some additional “handling fees” we have to charge. If you do want to pick it up at the freight terminal, please call us. They’ll load it onto your trailer or into the back of your pickup for you. Otherwise, select all of the freight options below that apply.