5‌ Tips‌ To‌ Make‌ Steel‌ Targets‌ Last‌ Longer‌

There’s nothing quite like a steel target. Whether you’re preparing for your next handgun competition or picking up rifle shooting targets to take aim before hunting season, be sure your steel targets are built to last. Use these five tips to make your steel targets last longer and find out how American-made MGM Targets products help you go the distance with your steel targets. Whether you have a single target or a multi-lane shooting range on your property, these tips can increase the lifespan of your favorite shooting aids.


1. Choose AR550 Steel


AR550 steel is abrasion resistant and has a Brinell Hardness Number of 550. Compared to AR400, AR500, or other steel targets, this option is far more durable and reliable. There’s a reason that we at MGM Targets offer a generous warranty on all our products.


This rugged material is capable of withstanding extreme target practice, so it’s a great option for law enforcement agents, competitive shooters, and avid hobbyists. Take aim at one of our professional, competition, or recreational options to experience the AR550 difference.


The type of steel doesn’t alter the shapes available. Choose an auto-popper, spinner, gong, or another popular target type with this heavy-duty steel. Shop for structures that make it easy to train for versatile shooting situations. From breaching and multi-lane shooting ranges to fully equipped rappel towers, AR550 steel targets and MGM Targets craftsmanship can meet your needs.


2. Use Pistols


While you can choose a steel target for your rifle or shotgun target practice, it won’t last as long if you use these more powerful firearms. A pistol typically doesn’t use the same caliber or velocity, so you can enjoy a lifetime of target practice with the same innovative targets.

Handguns are the best option if you want your target to last longer, but don’t let that hold you back. These targets can take rounds from rimfire rifles, shotguns, and other firearms up to 50 BMG. Don’t shy away from trying out a heavy-duty firearm against your MGM Targets products, but be prepared for some warping if you’re using anything larger than a handgun and hitting the same area multiple times.


To prevent some of that warping and denting as you practice with your rifle, be sure to set your targets up further away. A rifle at 20 yards is going to do some serious damage to even the most durable steel damage, but a 100-yard shot will have far less impact on the structure of your steel shooting aids. Distance dramatically reduces the risks of damaging your targets or having a dangerous ricochet incident.


3. Flip Your Targets


The key to keeping your targets lasting longer is to prevent hitting the same area too many times. If you find you’re hitting a bullseye time after time, it’s time to flip that target and try it out on the other side. Otherwise, your metal shooting targets may start to form cracks and holes.


Flipping a target is also a good safety step. Safe targets are flat targets. A cupped target can cause unpredictable ricochets and other unusual bullet behavior. Avoid unfortunate collateral damage by flipping your steel targets and keeping them nice and flat.

Consider taking aim at a different point on your target. While everyone loves the idea of repeated bullseye hits, this isn’t a game of darts. Set up your silhouettes or hexagon targets and pick a different spot as your goal. This will help spread out some of the impacts of your sharpshooting.


4. Compare Designs


Are you trying to sight in your rifle or simply empty your magazine for a relaxing weekend of target practice? For many shooters, a direct hit is a good time to move on to the next target. Choose a popper or gong target and be confident in a dead-on hit.


A sportsmans auto-popper helps you know when you get a hit. This can prevent the number of times you continue to hit the same target time after time. Once you get a bullseye or a solid hit you’re happy with, move on to the next target in your multi-lane or multi-target setup.


Gong targets give a satisfying ring when you pop them from any distance. Whether you’re 10 yards away with your pistol or 100 yards with a rimfire rifle, listen for that tell-tale ring to know you’ve found your mark.


AR550 steel describes the type of steel, but there are still many thicknesses to consider. We use only 3/8-inch thick targets for professional-grade target shooting. Look for a thick, reliable target to keep your target practice going for longer. A quality investment in unique shapes of MGM Targets steel products gives you a fun, helpful target shape to keep on shooting.


5. Select the Right Target for Your Shooting Needs


Don’t get tired of your target. A high-quality steel target has some serious lifetime, so you may lose interest in a boring target shape before it’s seen the end of its days. Look for quirky targets, like the other creatures’ targets, from MGM Targets. Take aim at Sasquatch, a zombie, or other creatures for a unique experience.


For more serious shooters, MLS targets offer the practice you need for your next big competition. Invest in the same targets found at professional competitions around the country to practice in similar situations. Don’t let the target size, shape or other features throw you off when it comes to your big day.


Don’t be afraid to mix it up. A variety of shapes and sizes helps you stay interested and competitive as you practice. Different targets at different ranges prevent you from blowing a hole through a single target with frequent use.


Order Your MGM Targets Steel Targets Today

Take these five tips and go get yourself a steel target today. Shop our targets at MGM Targets for unbeatable, American-made targets for professional, recreational, or competition shooting. When it comes to a shooting aid with some serious lifespan and competitive reliability, turn to AR550 steel. Keep your aim true and gain a competitive edge as you fire away with your favorite firearms and some seriously long-lasting steel targets.